Ivanovo State University of Chemistry and Technology


International office
7, Sheremetevskiy Avenue, Ivanovo, 153000, Russia
Phone/fax: +7 (4932) 41 37 46


Number of Students:

Bachelor's Degree Programs: Chemical Technology; Chemistry; Food Stuff of Vegetable Origin; Biotechnology; Electronics and Nanoelectronics; Technological Machines and Equipment; Informational Systems and Technologies; Artistic Materials Handling Technology; Energy Conservative and Resource Saving Processes in Chemical Technology, Petrochemistry and Biotechnology; Material Science and Technology of Materials;Technological Processes and Production Automation; Engineering Systems Control; Standardization and Metrology; Business Informatics; Economics; Management; Cultural Studies

Master's Degree Programs: Chemical Technology; Chemistry; Food Stuff of Vegetable Origin; Electronics and Nanoelectronics; Technological Machines and Equipment; Informational Systems and Technologies; Energy Conservative and Resource Saving Processes in Chemical Technology, Petrochemistry and Biotechnology;Technosphere Safety; Economics; Management; Finance and Banking;  Cultural Studies

Postgraduate Programs: Chemical Sciences; Nanomaterials; Informatics and Computer Engineering; Mechanical Engineering; Chemical Technology; Light Industry Technologies; Economics; Philosophy, Ethics and Religious Studies; Linguistics and Literature

Pre-University Programs for International Students: Russian Language Courses and Bridging Programmes in Major Disciplines including Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Informatics, Engineering Graphics etc.

Programs Offered in Foreign Languages: Master degree programmes provide some disciplines in English.

Main Directions of Scientific Research: Theoretical and applied research of nanotechnology and nanomaterials; Physical and coordination chem­istry of solutions and liquid-phase processes; Molecular structure and physical-chemical processes in gaseous phase and nonequilibrium plasma; Synthesis and investigation of macroheterocyclic compounds, polymers and composite materials on their basis; Heterogeneous and heterogeneous-catalytic processes based on dispersed metal-oxide systems; Textile chemistry: theory and practice of fiber materials treatment; Development of novel high-intensity heterogeneous processes and their equipment design; Electrochemical and electrocatalytic processes in various inter­electrode media, electroplating and surface treatment; Language - Culture - Society (Anthropocentric society studies); Innovation technologies in education, and other scientific trends. 

Founded in 1930 Ivanovo State University of Chemistry and Technology today is a respected polytechnic school training engineers for various industrial facilities in the region and abroad. With truly distinguished teaching quality and superb facilities the university ensures students' academic excellence of international level. We graduate spe­cialists in a wide range of academic pathways - from technology, economy and management to social work, humanities and natural sciences.

The University encloses 9 faculties and institutes: Faculty of Inorganic Chemistry and Technology, Faculty of Organic Chemistry and Technology, Faculty of Chemical Engineering and Cybernetics, Faculty for Humanities, Institute of Management, Finance and Information Systems, Faculty of Funda­mental and Applied Chemistry, International stu­dents' faculty, Faculty of distance learning, Institute of further professional education.

ISUCT provides a wide range of training programmes:

  • Bachelor's and Master's degrees;
  • PhD's and DSc's degrees;
  • Various internships and career enhancement programmes;
  • Specialist retraining courses;
  • Russian as a foreign language;
  • Access courses;
  • Network cooperation for academic mobility;
  • Extra courses (electives).

ISUCT is ranked among TOP-100 Russian universi­ties according to Expert RA rating agency. We are the 5th in research and publishing performance ranking among 153 Russian techni­cal universities (according to Higher School of Economics National Research University and RIA Novosti). ISUCT education quality management system meets ISO standards.

Our University handles international students since early 1950s due to either intergovernmental agreements or direct contracts. About 150 international students and PhD applicants from 18 countries study here today. We awarded diplomas to over 700 Bachelors and Masters from Eastern Europe, Latin America, Southeastern Asia and Africa, and 40 of them have fol­lowed postgraduate programmes and have defended their PhD Theses. Our foreign graduates are now engaged as chief executives in major companies and plants, research and training centers overseas. Ivanovo University of Chemistry and Technology is traditionally committed to such key concepts as racial tolerance and inter­nationalism. This promotes favorable corporate environment in the campus and long-standing links with our alumni.

The Academic Mobility Programme attracts students from China, Kazakhstan, Czech Republic and Poland. ISUCT students and postgraduates follow their aca­demic courses and undertake research internships in European research centers and universities of Spain, Germany, Poland, Norway and Italy.

In 2012 our University was entitled to issue Di­ploma Supplements, a European-type attachment to diploma.The Diploma Supplement pledges our school degree recognition by the European Union. Discussions on establishing Double Degrees pro­grams are currently underway with foreign partner universities.

We extensively develop scientific and educational cooperation with Chinese universities. At present students and graduates from China pursue training programmes in our university while our academ­ics do their research and give lectures in leading Chinese universities. ISUCT established Center of Chinese language and Culture attended both by our students and staff and by students from other Ivanovo universities. Our University offers Russian language courses on a regular basis. Every day we work to make significant improvements to the Rus­sian language learning process. With it in mind we undertake international seminar schools to discuss pressing problems in Russian language and general speech standards.These seminars are attended by scientists from Belarus, Moldova, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Armenia, Bulgaria, Serbia and others.

Extra fees:

  • accommodation fee for students - RUR 400.00-1,750.00 per month, depending on accommoda­tion type and number of students per room;
  • medical insurance RUR 5,000.00 per annum.
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