Research Activities

At present Ivanovo State University of Chemistry and Technology is one of the leading centres of higher school science in the fields of chemistry, chemical technology and chemical engineering.

The University gave raise and broad international recognition to scientific schools in thermodynamics and structure of solutions, energy and structure of molecules, electrochemistry, plasma theory , scientific foundations of catalysis, textile chemistry, fine organic synthesis, chemistry of porphyrins, complex compounds chemistry, non-linear processes in chemistry and in chemical technology.

Recently active research in the fields of economics, finance and management, linguistics, sociology, culture studies, philosophy and in other humanities have been initiated.

Establishment of Research Institute of Non-Aqueous Solution Chemistry of the USSR Academy of Science (currently Solutions Chemistry Institute of Russian Academy of Sciences) on the basis of the Ivanovo Institute of Chemistry and Technology can not but regarded as public recognition of its research staff achievements in the fundamental studies.

Our higher school is involved in several large research -technical programmes of Ministry of Education and Science; it enjoys the grants of Ministry of Education of RF, of Russian Foundation of Fundamental Researches and of a number of International Foundations.

The university provides training of highly qualified specialists at Doctorate and Post-graduate courses in 26 directions and has 5 specialized councils which referee doctorate and candidate these and dissertations for the defense.

The journal "Izvestia Vuzov", series "Chemistry and Chemical Technology", as well as collections of research works are regularly published at ISUCT. International scientific meetings are annually convened at the University.

Modern scientific image of our University is successfully maintained by 2 problem laboratories, Test Center "Quality", by 12 scientific - productive teams and 16 research laboratories. They employ about 100 full-time research workers and more than 400 faculty members, doctorate and post-graduate students.

Students research work being carried out at the departments, students analytical laboratories, research associations, etc. contributes much to the investigation of actual scientific problems.

For academic and research achievements the best students obtain scholarships of the University Learned Council. Quite a number of students and post-graduate students are grantées and winners of various international, federal, local and research competitions.